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Month: March 2016

A Cross For One

Love that makes the small birds sing Makes dancing fairies hop flower rings So deeply sweetly heights to depths To beat with all its woes So strong is love that heavy weigh A cross for one A song today It's depth to know Oh how deeply love can go.
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Life as a Sandwich…

Start the day with a daily bread Add a touch of mustard said And then the day throws a crunch and a snap! Of food to chew on..while you nap But keep on piling , pile as it may Let's see how 'bout a bit of mayonnaise? Who threw on the jerky? I did not see? Was it you? It wasn't me... And so we eat each bite with glee Relish one, for you and me... ! :-)  
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Gardens of Beauty

Good evening! I hope you are well! I am thankfully working through some new projects. I want very much to give you a song for Easter, and so I hope soon, to post one up for you! Sometimes we meet in just moments and are then touched for ever. I have met so many amazing people who I love and adore and I find  each person fascinating and beautiful in their own right. Like a butterfly in flight, if...
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Sea Birds in Gentle Winds

The raging storm now passed, its loudest winds, but a far distance. The ships rocking  lullaby played to  deep waters of blue. It turned its bow  forward, and waved as it passed  the rocks of wreck and ruin.  The welcoming warm winds danced merrily along  the ships sun-streaked sides as the gulls made their familiar calls passing by.   :-)
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