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Through the Window!

Through the Window!

“Chirp! Chirp!” I heard as I looked out my window and saw a bird looking out the window of the tool shed right back at me. He couldn’t escape! The window looked like the way out but alas! Glass!

“Ohhh the poor thing” I thought and went outside to free the little bird. I opened the door widely and stepped in. I picked up some wooden chop sticks and held them out gently to the frightened bird. “Chirp! Chirp!” he said in a frantic manner!

He hopped on to the chopsticks! And hopped off…On and off…”Come on little birdie,” I thought! Finally he for some reason trusted me and hopped on as I moved the chopsticks in a flowing gesture towards the door! He hung on! “Wow! This is great!” I thought! The door was open and in the same motion continued, the bird “got it” and flew with one swoop out the door to freedom!

I was so happy for the bird and put the chopsticks down thinking, how easy it is to be like this little bird, looking through the window and thinking this is the way to go, when in fact, freedom to fly comes from a different direction!

Trusting the instinct to hang on and go with the flow, the little birdie finally felt its wings and flew to freedom!

There is always a way!!

Have a beautiful day!

“Chop! Chop!” 🙂

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