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The Transformation of a Melody..!

The Transformation of a Melody..!

Good evening! The night is upon me, and I am finished the work of the day and wanted to say a good evening to YOU!

I wanted to share with you the lastest song I just did my vocals for the other evening. This song is a song I wrote actually at least a few years ago. Some friends had invited me to an Island that has this beautiful home on it with an amazing deck that overlooks the ocean. It was dreamy there, a great place to write a song, and actually I wrote several songs relating to the ocean and I could see how people would love it so.

It seemed picture perfect but my friend was battling some serious depression and seemed to fall into it even more when we arrived. I tried to help but sometimes words just get in the way. I look back on that now and wish I had just loved on her. I felt so badly that the situation was so sad when it could have been such a wonderful time. I went down to the beach and wrote this new song.

I sent the song off to my extremely talented arranger friend, Vladimir Entimirov. He sent it back and the sound was amazing but a bit different. The song sat for awhile and life just moved faster and the song kept waiting. As I listened to the musical arrangement before I sang my vocals, I needed to adjust the melody a bit to fit this beautiful sound. Well the other day I did just that!

I have one more vocalist I have asked to sing with me on this song and so I am excitedly waiting for that now!

The song keeps running through my head! 🙂

I also have more songs coming soon! One that Amazing TONY FRANKLIN played bass on. It is a fun song and I can’t wait to share that one with you Too! I also wrote it at the ocean!

Okay…time to stop but I hope are well and ………..Stay Tuned!!

Ok, that’s my job…………………………………:-)

for now

Rachel 🙂

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