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It’s in the Jeans

It’s in the Jeans

Good morning:-) I have found it so fascinating to find out where our family lines come from, what makes us who we are, why we are so motivated to do the things we do! How everyone’s DNA is made especially for them!

Our stories and the lives we live the way we use what we have is so important. Everyone of us has potential and a story to live out. Perhaps a blueprint written before time, before birth, perhaps every day has a story to unfold, if we but listen.

So much potential, so much to share and it just starts with us, with using what we have and watching it multiply. It’s interesting, energy, how it grows when used. Like a pot of soup, to stir it up, to give it flavour.

Love is a wonderous gift to us. Something to share, to stir it up! Especially at this time of year! I know there are humbugs out there, but this Is a beautiful time of year and I love to share the joy of it!

I am looking forward to sharing more songs with you! Some are almost completed!

Have a beautiful day and Turn UP the Tunes!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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