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Collaborations Underway!

Collaborations Underway!

Good evening! I am hoping you are well today!

Just an update for you! I am collaborating with some Great talent on a few new songs coming soon!

One of the songs I wrote a bit ago and I was going to use it for a really great script that we had been asked to work on. However, the poor guy found it hard to find any funding…not that he won’t at some point, and so it seems the movie has been put on the shelf for some time.

Creating is like this. It is fun and all but the process is a journey in and of itself. Rarely do things just “come together” without some hiccups along the way. The artists with a passion for their creations continue to pursue their dreams and they are the ones you see in the theatre’s and hear their music. It can be an ominous journey at times, and only those who persevere through the challenges and discouragements can offer their work to YOU!

I suppose the work goes through its own tests in life. Work survives the times and centuries because it is meant too.

I am hoping to bring you art that makes a difference for you! So much to look forward to ahead!

Have a wonderful evening!

Staying warm over here on this cold January day!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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