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The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 25

The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 25

“Matthew! Do you agree with the consensus?” The group of miners all staring at Matt as they huddled around the table at Mammie’s for their evening meeting.

Matthew had developed his leadership skills some, as Goldsmith had been coaching him along. Matt, still insecure on the inside and with a manner some would consider weak, was after all very intelligent and learning the ropes of mining rapidly. Florence, now more present than not, was filling the water glasses at the table for the second time. She glanced a smiling gaze at Matt, who’s face could not help but flush as he smiled back at her in appreciation.

Matt glanced over to Goldsmith, who gave him a confident nod. “I do agree.” Matt said as he took a sip of water to cool his nerves. “The crevass is very deep, Goldsmith thinks about 150 to 200 feet deep! So yes, possibilites are there, for not only gold but yes, diamonds! I understand that Goldsmith says it won’t be easy to test for kimberlite, but that it would be necessary for future possiblities.”

The team nodded in agreement, and moved the conversation back to the gold they were searching for, recently. Black Hat was heard commenting, “Gold likes to take the shortest path.” And the team agreed once more. The evening meeting coming to a close, all rose to pay Mammy for yet another great meal. “Goldsmith,” Matt called out as Goldsmith was shouldering his hat and coat and heading to the door. “Yes, Matt!” he replied. “Goldsmith, can I walk you home?”

The evening chill crept into the air as the two parted with the glow of the street lamps lighting the way. Winter struggling to hold it’s grip, was loosing the battle as Spring was moving in fast.

“Goldsmith,” Matt spoke in hesitation. ” I feel overwhelmed with the role I now have. I don’t feel qualified and sometimes in the night I wake up in terror, remembering the day my mother died. I just can’t face it sometimes. I feel like it blocks my mind to moving forward in any sense.”

Goldsmith slide his hands into his coat pockets, keeping them warm from the chill and the sharp breeze that wove in and out with their steps in the dark.

He thought for a moment, relating to his own life, his own terrors. “You know Matt, you’re not alone, feeling stuck from your memories. It happens to most of us from time to time. Sorrow, you know, it wants to linger, and we want to hang on to it. It’s not your sustinance though, eating the bread of sorrow. It can be a teacher, but for a moment and then it wants you to let it go, and not live in it, that’s the value it brings. Like a nugget of gold, for a moment, but not to be cherished for a lifetime.”

Matt was quiet as he took in the wisdom shared. He knew Goldsmith was right. Matt now weary, sighed as it was his turnoff for home. He shook Goldsmith’s hand in great appreciation. Goldsmith smiled and waved good evening, finding himself now a block away from his own restful cabin. Matt’s words created a feeling of dread as he thought to himself of his own words to be applied.

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