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The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 1

The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 1

Goldsmith story by Rachel Walker

It was an ordinary day, much like the day before, and the day before that. Not much seemed to take place in the sleepy little town, nestled in beside the mountain terrain.

Children played outdoors, in old clothes or hand me downs. The streets were not paved and the sound of a near by train could be heard echoing in the valleys that merged into the green covered mountains. Not much was expected and not much was attained, but life was calm in that predictable kind of way.

Near the little town a mine was known to be it’s main income and all the fathers and older siblings would wake before the mornings light to ready themselves for another long day.

It was on one of these but ordinary days that a far away sound began to move closer and closer to the little town of Laplo.

“Hey!” said one of the playing children. “Do you hear that sound? What is that?” All the children now curious, put down their ball to look up to one of the mountains surrounding their little home town as a helicopter came into view. They watched the small dragon fly of the sky move closer and closer until it landed not too far from the mine. Soon a tall, gentleman looking man was seen stepping onto the green grassy field with a look of anticipation. He had a few bags to carry and as he began his trek down into the valley, he was greeted by a local who looked like he was waiting for his approach. The two shook hands and as the local man took some of his load, the two, amerced in conversation walked into the town; the sun moving behind the mountains peak and day began to merge into night.

(To be continued) 🙂

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