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Good day to yOu!

I remember when I wrote this song. I sat down with my guitar and began to formulate some beautiful chords together. I was playing them and wrote these simple lyrics:

“Via Dolo Rosa,

That is why You came

Walked this earth to Free us!

Via Dolo Rosa”

Those are the only lyrics to this song, and yet they say all that needs to be said.

At the time, I had just met ALVIN TAYLOR, such an amazing man, talented drummer, such a beautiful friend of mine. If you haven’t heard ALVIN TAYLOR’s story, you should check out ALVIN’s Bio as he has played with the Best of the Best, Elvis Presley, George Harrison, Elton John , Earth Wind and Fire, and just so many, many more! Totally deserving his Star on the Walk of Fame.

Anyways, ALVIN said he would play drums for my song. I sent him this song, and he said it made him cry.

He put a drum track down for me, so beautifully and we loved it so much we decided to make a video for the song as well. It is also here on the website.

I have been honored to play with my beautiful friend and so I share this song with you!

At this most turbulent and penetrating week, I hope you can take some time to listen to my song Via Dolo Rosa, and also watch the video. I know the road to suffering is now a place you can go and tour, with monuments at each pivotal point. The title, the road to suffering as you probably know, is very appropriate for this time of year, as well as for so much upheaval and suffering in so many places today.

Like turbulent skies of Spring, where the change of season pulls in the tensions of time. Swirls of dark clouds, harsh storms and moments of sunny blue skies speak to us of the tug of war in change. So too, this week feels the pull of good and evil and makes us ponder deeper thoughts.

I wish you a Happy Easter! One of hope and great promise!!

I am super excited about so many musical endeavors ahead!!

Soooo many flowers….!!

Lots of love!

for now, Rachel 🙂

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