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Good morning! After a good breakfast, and a warm cup of coffee, I am thankful for this day! Yesterday I finished a new song and a few others that I have been working on! I look at the songs that I have had the honor to share with you so far! Each one different and having it’s own message.

I was working in advertising and Babacar N’dyie asked me to collaborate with him. Such a talented musician. I was on the road a lot and was writing songs in the evenings, when I could have some time. I said “Sure! I would love to collaborate with you Bab’s!” He sent me a track, of an instrumental he wrote and said, can you make the lyrics and melody? I think the title should be “Hurry”. ” I said “Sure!” and that evening wrote the lyrics and melody for him. He loved it!

I went back to the studio on a weekend and sang the vocal track for the song. I sent it all to him and he arranged this song. This was Bab’s song initially, his instrumental track, but he said, “Rachel, I want to give this song to you. I want to work with you lots and this is a gift.”

Bab’s is a genius. I haven’t heard from him in a while. The musical journey is not an easy one. So many talented people I know, who don’t have the ability to travel on.

That said, the lyrics for HURRY are so appropriate for today. So many times people are not able to finish the story, to follow the dream or the desires of the heart. The way, like a maze is there, for those who find it. Find HIM.

Check out HURRY on my website, only.

It is under NEW MUSIC, singles.

LOTS of LOVE to YOU:-)


Thank YOU BAB’s!!!

I love you !!

Tunes ahead!!!

Rachel 🙂

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