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Something New!

Something New!

I am looking forward to sharing a new style of song that I have recently written. I have asked a talented poet if I could use his lyrics for most of the song. I added a verse at the end. I plan to get some great sound from some real talent so stay tuned for this one. I would love to hear what your thoughts will be for this next piece.

Sometimes when I write lyrics, just out of my soul, I look back at them and I too have to pay attention to them, as I don’t want to play the hypocrite. It’s easy to write words, the impact is the truth they may carry and the way that we take them in.

So stay Tuned and I will keep you posted!

Also please take some time to check out the tunes here!

Lots of ideas to fulfill !

Have a great weekend and a beautiful day!

Rachel 🙂

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