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Good morning!!!

Oh! I am telling you this Fall the leaves and all of the colors are just stunning!! Absolutely beautiful! It is as if the season has been given the full allotted time to express itself!! And WoW! Is it Ever!!

Everything in it’s Season, and so I see Thanksgiving approaching in the near future and that is How I feel!

So Thankful! This journey is one of great interest and excitement as everyday something new is waiting around the corner!!

Soooo many ideas…!! 🙂

Today I will pull out my electric guitar and work on a beautiful new tune that I am really loving! I am using the lyrics of a poet friend of mine, and have added a final verse to his lyrics, and created a song around it. So I am truly looking forward to getting this song “launched” and flying!

I also have some very exciting ideas that we are working on but would rather Do them than talk about them…so…Coming soon!!

With my morning coffee on the burner, and my heart full of Gratefulness I just wanted to say Good morning to YOU!

Tunes ahead!!

As we enter into the Fall Season, full of color and beauty, have a beautiful day and a purposeful journey!

A journey defined,

Beautified, set in place

Time has no limits

Beyond space

Done, complete!

The task, to free

A simple soul,

A wanderer, like me!

A skip! A jump!

Hands to the sky!

A story to walk

So grateful am I!

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