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NEW SONG for 2021!!

NEW SONG for 2021!!

Good morning to YOU!!

Last night we posted one of my newest songs for you!! OCEANS.

This song was originally I thought, a guitar song. I play a picking style on this tune. My engineer kept asking me to

add this part and that part with various instruments. Piano, guitars, 12 string, as well as my lap steel guitar. I had also expected to add some great players to this tune, however, by the time we finished all of the parts the song was full, and thus, over days of mixing we completed OCEANS with just me playing all of the parts.

It is very interesting how a song evolves and forms its own sound.

Also we remixed Play Into the Night!

This song features Tony Franklin and his amazing playing, as well as Jerome Lande on lead guitar!!

That too has been added to my website!

These tunes are only available Here! So please enjoy!!

Have a beautiful day and…turn UP the tunes!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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