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Some Like It Hot!

Some Like It Hot!

Good morning to YOU!! Wowzers is right! Yes the weather has heated up, which for me means hunkering down and working on some projects!

I have some new songs that I am looking forward to going over. Some of them are really different. I really enjoy playing them. One has a lot of fingerpicking and I plan to record it soon enough and share it with you all. I think that the songs can be strong and especially when you add some great instrumentalists to the sound, then it’s over the top!

I think of the energy a band can carry and the way creativity just flies, it is a very special feeling, you know, creating music with the band. These days we are excited about all of the projects we can do with so many around the globe now. It does change the sound, that live feel is harder to record. That said there is an energy to music, almost a spirit to the sounds carried through the airwaves.

I am looking to some more collaborations that are going to be really beautiful !

We were going to do some photo shoots to add to the website, but will wait til the weather cools a bit!

Ohhh so many projects on the Go! :-)!!

I Do look forward to taking that raw song and developing it into something beautiful, so we can all Turn up the Tunes and feel those great vibes:-)

So off I go….! Please know that I care so much, and hope that yOu are very well,

Stay hydrated, and LOTS of LOVE to YOU!!

Have a beautiful day!!

Rachel !!:-)

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