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“I’m a Poem”

“I’m a Poem”

Good morning! I hope you are well! I am very pleased to have uploaded my latest finished tune titled “I’m a Poem”.

This song is referring to who we are, matter but matter that sustains life and extends into the Universe and carries on like the potential of a love song.

I was honored to have Tony Franklin, English Rock Musician play the fretless bass for the song which really makes it beautiful. That’s what having great musicians do to music, as Tony plays with the greats, Roy Harper , The Firm, Jimmy Page, Paul Rodgers, John Sykes, David Gilmour, Kate Bush, and more! Thank you so much Tony!

Also Kenny Sutton, Sweet Kenny who has written many film scores and game scores and has placement with LA, CSI, Law and Order, NBC, Fox and many more!

Originally, the scratch track I sent to the guys was just that. I sat down with my guitar and sang and played this tune out to send it as a track to follow, but afterwards this take became the vocal we wanted to use. Some times your first take is enough:-)

LOVE Music!!

Lots of tunes ahead!

Have a beautiful day:-)

Rachel !

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