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Month: May 2019

Through the Window!

"Chirp! Chirp!" I heard as I looked out my window and saw a bird looking out the window of the tool shed right back at me. He couldn't escape! The window looked like the way out but alas! Glass! "Ohhh the poor thing" I thought and went outside to free the little bird. I opened the door widely and stepped in. I picked up some wooden chop sticks and held them out gently to the frightened bird....
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To Sing So!

Good evening! I hope all is going well for you and that your journey is full of the wonder that life brings, challenge enough to show the way forward, and faith enough to bring all to flight as wings! The weekend was busy with performing and it felt so great to be out sharing my tunes again! My sets are all in order and I played my piano and guitar! It all went over really well! The movie is...
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Full of Promise

Good morning to yOu! Today I am looking forward to sharing musically at a venue for a good cause! I was just thinking of how much it feels good and energizing when we find the good things taking place in our day! To be inspired to achieve, or pursue takes hope and the value of knowing that something good is taking place! We are working on the movie as well as many new songs! So many
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