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Month: October 2018

The Grass on the Other side

He thought it must be better She too perhaps the weather Climb that ladder, Put on a sweater I see their grass is greener Perhaps the latter So claw and clamber Climb and crawl To get into the greener stall But one small boy He looked around Into his yard And on the ground New flowers blooming In full abound!
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Good beautiful morning to yOu! I just wanted to check in and say Good morning to YOU! So many wondrous adventures aahhhwaiting! Every road to travel and discover! On this journey I am hoping that you are very well! As life gets busy and full of wonder, I am finding a most wonderful truth, that one can accomplish and create much and still have time for the most beloved of things...people and those...
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Whippely Wave

Up and down it splashed and soared! Round the corner, don't get bored.. Seems the tipping seasick blue Then UP around the sunlit grew The whippely wave Cool breezes too...! :-)   Have a splendid weekend!! So many tunes to make! for now Rachel :-)
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