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#Anxiety The Best of Zest vol. I

#Anxiety The Best of Zest vol. I

Good morning! Yesterday a storm passed through. Such a mighty wind, large drops of rain, lovely rain; both fierce and vigorous. It was a day to stay tucked in and warm and let the storm pass. That’s how the last week has been. Full of personal dynamics and challenges, but today the ground renewed with the aftermath of moisture, looks as if nothing had passed by. And underneath the ground lie the new beginnings.

When I wrote Anxiety I had just gone through great storms in my life. Challenges that seemed overwhelming at times. That gnawing feeling in my chest that would not go away. “Take a deep breath” I would think to myself. I picked up my guitar and found solace. I played this song solo for a few gigs, sometimes for my own self comfort and for any one else that might feel this gnawing troubled feeling.

I can say time heals wounds, especially if one gives themself a chance, and some gentleness too. Having faith and finding peace within made all the difference:-)

I look forward to sharing more songs with you soon!

Have a wonderful day as we all travel and experience life and find love on our journey!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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