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#One Act Play

#One Act Play

Good evening! Today went well. Intentional. I am learning how to… yes, dream… but also act! Action requires intent. Intentional movement forward. I had a busy and good work day and wanted to drop in and say Hello! As I am now collaborating with many new artists, I also wanted to share from the songs that are now being played! When I think of “One Act Play” I am reminded of the band and our regular meetings together. Michael brought in a few new poems he had written. He was single at the time and writing quite a bit of poetry, always hoping Ray and I would like one of them and make it into a song. One Act Play came from Michael’s first love. The one that he lost and held a burning candle for, in his heart. It was a poem of words weaved together from real events from Michael’s love affair with “her” and dreams and hopes of saving this love. “Sure!” Ray and I said, “This one’s a song!” Michael was excited…drums were playing, Ray was tuned up on his guitar, and I sat at the piano. Ray got this song going. He began to play a really catchy lick on his guitar, “Hey Ray!” I said, “keep playing that!” Pretty soon I was singing Michael’s lyrics to a melody, and the song began. I added piano parts here and there and …we had a song, …in fact “One Act Play”.

Later on, when the song was recorded and mastered we all went to find the “lost love.” We found her at the local grocery store and told her to come and listen to the song in my car. She loved it! We all even saw a tear glimmering at the corner of her eye, but it had the strength not to fall.

Have a beautiful evening!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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