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Paintings on Saatchi/online!

Paintings on Saatchi/online!

Good beautiful morning to yOu!

As I sit here with my second cup of coffee I just wanted to let you know that we have added the link to some of my paintings that are displayed on Saatchi /online!

Some of these paintings I created to further express my songs. For example ; the song Poppies has a painting I created in oils, that is titled Poppies. The picture represents the hand of God holding gently and loosely a bouquet of poppies in his hand. Like us, we are tenderly kept, not so tightly that we cannot breathe but lovingly held. The bird is flying high. It is able to fly to a great height. It then sings the most beautiful song. It is maybe not the most beautiful bird but the song it brings is unforgettable. So too, we can be taken to the heights and sing as we feel the winds in our flight!

The song Poppies I had made one day.  I had gone to Vancouver to spend my small savings to get this song recorded. It took a day or two and the producer actually changed the tempo a bit as to how I had written it.  I may one day re-do this song as written. I have so many to record now that it will have to wait for now!

Also paintings like “Deeper Than Hell”. The bodies out in the atmosphere floating in oblivion, lost, and the painting “We Will Go On” represents the ability to find love again even after failed relationships. I sang this song I wrote for Ray’s wedding!

Anywho! If you wish too, the paintings are there. I have many more but ….only so much time….:-)

Have a wonderful, beautiful day!

for now

Rachel 🙂


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