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Deeper Than Hell The Best of Zest Vol. I

Deeper Than Hell The Best of Zest Vol. I

Good afternoon to you!

Although the wind is up and it is a cooler day than the “record beating heat” of yesterday, still the murky smoke lingers in our air and patchy blue sky. Fires seeming to feel it is their time not Summer Time:-)

When I wrote Deeper Than Hell it was at a very tumultuous time in my life. I had been through a devastating relationship break-up. One that caused me to lose everything. Untrue lies and slander were everywhere as this was a tactic of the other party to “do me in”.  I was drinking wine Very regularly to cope with all of my loss. Not a great solution but a good one for my mental state and something I did eventually let go of as I began to heal.

I find that it is at times like this that one’s real beliefs show up. “I don’t understand my life” I remember thinking over and over. I had tried very much to be honorable and do the right thing all the time, and yet my life looked like a complete disaster. I read in my Bible that Jesus loved me so much that He even descended into Hell for three days. God in Hell? That was amazing to me. Love that would go to the very bottom to save me. To lift me to the very Top.

There are many things I still do not understand nor can I figure out. I am reminded that not all things and events that take place in my life are based on the time-line that we humans follow on earth. So many dimensions at play.

I approached the band at the time with this new song and shared it in practises and that is how it all began for Deeper Than Hell.

Lots of new tunes around the corner!

have a great day!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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