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#LandscapeSeascape Best of Zest vol. I

#LandscapeSeascape Best of Zest vol. I

Good beautiful morning to you! On this sunny day I want to say thank you once again for sharing this time with me. 🙂 j

So many songs ahead! and so much creating to do! It all is a process…hard for me sometimes to wait as life has plans too and I must carry out the particulars it requires, nevertheless the music flows!!

Michael wrote these lyrics. I think they are brilliant and beautiful. I wrote the song and melody. It came quite easily. It is also a crooner, easy to sing for me and I really enjoyed delivering this song! I sat down and played the piano and created a melody and we recorded it not too long after!

It is kind of sleeper in the mix of tunes on Vol. I but I still think it is a very beautiful song!

Lots of notes in the making!!

Have a beautiful day !

for now

Rachel 🙂

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