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Sailboats Best of Zest Vol. II

Sailboats Best of Zest Vol. II

Good morning to you!

One evening in the fall the band got together and we recorded Sailboats. I wrote this song and actually it has a tricky timing that Michael was trying to come into. We were recording off the floor and left it fresh. We tried to record it a few times but Michael was tired and actually we all were. We were recording and I had asked Ray to do a violin solo. When it came to his part he just took off on one of our recordings. It was really beautiful. We just went with it and decided that one was something we wanted to keep. The timing however on the start of the song, the first vers actually , was not in sync so now, on the final recording we have actually taken out the beginning of the song and the whole first verse is missing!!

Sometimes it’s like that. A magic moment that you want to keep so you work the song around it. Sometimes songs make themselves we are just instruments after all. 🙂

As to today! I am in the middle of some great collaborations ..coming your way!!

so stay tuned…and I will too!!

Have a beautiful day!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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