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In My Darkness Zorobabel

In My Darkness Zorobabel

In My Darkness came to me one evening. I was in a very destructive relationship. One that was so painful that your heart becomes numb. It was a moment of despair. What was meant to be love was only a relationship that created pain. It felt as if the whole world had become dark. So dark that I felt myself sinking into a deep depression. I feel that it is in these times that truth can surface as there is no room for artificial feelings.  God knew I needed to feel His hope. It was as if He beamed a  small light beam into my mind. That the hole I felt I was in still had light. In my darkest hour He revealed more light. That is the making of my song In My Darkness.

I hope your evening is peaceful and full of love, if not from a special someone then from a light beam from above 🙂

Sweet dreams 🙂

for now

Rachel 🙂

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