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Liberty of Love The Best of Zest Vol II.

Liberty of Love The Best of Zest Vol II.

Good morning! The rain fell last night when I was sleeping. I could feel the fresh breeze blow over my face as I slept. I love that feeling:-)

When we recorded Liberty of Love we had all eaten a great meal and proceeded to practise and then record. It was evening time and the room was dimly lit. Michael had written this poem and I turned it into a song. Ray added his magic sounds as we all created together on this song. We recorded it live and felt the humour in the lyrics. When I was singing it, it felt like a Broadway sound to me and so I went with it. I still enjoy listening to this song and the humour there.

I played the piano and sang and Ray was on bass, Michael on drums.

Collaborations today are going really well! I have a new song just about ready to share and lots in the process..!

Have a great day and looking forward to sharing with you!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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