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#Song in A Minor

#Song in A Minor

Good morning! As you can see the website is being updated! I hope your day is going well. I have many new songs on the table getting ready to launch!

When I wrote Song in Am I had taken in some boys that were struggling at the time. It was really difficult for me to do this but it was worth it in the long run as they have all turned out really well! I was hoping at the time to do some touring and gigging but this seemed to be more important of a task. It was a real inner struggle for me, for sure. These are the dynamics on a journey that leave one mystified. Saving a few lives, loosing our own. The constant struggle of letting go and giving. I think that if it was all up to myself it would be a weary calling but I know that love wins in the end.

Recording Song in Am took 15 minuets with me and my guitar. It is on the album Best of Zest vol. II.

So now I will fill my coffee cup once more and wish you a great weekend!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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