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Melody and the Wall

Melody and the Wall

There they were, the two of them walking gently on. The path unknown and the weather ominous. “Which way to go?” Melody asked her long time friend, Bel. “You know, Melody, I was sure it was this way..but look a wall…” Bel said thoughtfully. “Yes, I see it myself and so high it be”. They stood there, and looked up for what seemed as a very long look. Then Bel said, “Touch it Melody”. She looked with question at Bel, what a thought she thought. Her hand reached out gently to the cold stone, she touched it and slid her fingers slowly onto its cold presence. “What of it?” She asked Bel. “What make you of it?” “Is it our holding place Melody?” Bel asked. Melody felt a surge of desire, a wonderful flow of possibility flow through her veins, like a wind to blow away a cloudy day. “Oh no!” she exclaimed. “No Bel, of course not!”

Melody felt a sense of wonder. She saw the wall but for some mysterious reason stepped into it. A sensation of joy filled her heart.

No longer wall was to be seen but a meadow with flowers and where did the sun come shining from? So brilliant and full of color. And Melody and Bel continued upon their journey…

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