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The small beloved :-)

The small beloved :-)

Grey sighed the clouds as the sky opened it’s eyes to a new day. All grey I thought. Patches of snow lay hardened on the frozen grass, as if to cling to their coming demise. In between the white formed new.Those patches of mingled green and yellow that were slowly but surely rising from the earth.

I went out to experience this grey day. “The walk would do me good”, I thought, and moved out into the shear bleakness. The skies half-opened eyes. As I walked I felt the smallest of mist fall onto my face. I was warm and yet the smell of the moist air and the fresh mist wakened my senses.  I breathed in….I took in an even deeper breath! Beautiful I thought! Fresh and new…Spring has said hello and I feel it’s presence. It IS wonderful to be alive!

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