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Good afternoon! Just to update as to the collaborations, and how they are coming along beautifully! You know I am amazed at how we just begin to create a new song or sound and end up with this beautiful piece of music! It is a wonder sometimes!

I am also learning the value of quality team mates and the freedom of trust. I have heard it said that trust is the highest valued commodity today…even more so than gold! I would tend to agree with this statement. I am finding that trusting is of great value and progress is continual, and that wisdom looks for trustworthy team-mates!

Always a journey…always something new to learn and grow with! So as I learn to grow my “gold” and learn to put my” trustfun” into great collaborations….

I am looking forward to all the great possibilities ahead!

I wish you a really awesome weekend!

for now

Rachel :-)!

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