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Beyond the leap!

Beyond the leap!

There are days that challenge one and stretch us farther than we thought we could go. Every journey has challenges that have to be overcome’s never easy to move forward to move past ones own fears. Fears from past experiences or situations that come along, well they can trigger a response that can hold one back from the very things they were made to do.

I have felt this way this past year, really stretching myself to move forward and some times fears will block reality. What is real in a situation can be seen in a tainted way because of fear. It can alter a true perspective. And it can hold us back from what is real. How does a person move from fear into reality? From anxiety to peace? I think true love wins in the end. True love heals all wounds and sets us free.  I think true love proves itself and fears are laid to rest.

No one gets out of this life with out some challenges, fears that rob our joy, scars that try to keep us down. It takes being honest with oneself and real relationships.

What do we need? We do need love, true love.

So that’s me! Seeking to overcome certain areas of my life that keep me from what I really need to be!

I am looking forward to this and each step forward is a step to freedom!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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