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Chocolate and Cherries

Chocolate and Cherries

Good afternoon!

Lately I have been craving chocolate a ..Lot! Maybe it’s just because it’s that Valentine time of year!! But also maybe it’s because it’s That time of year…well the time of year when we are all ready for some fun …!

As I am excitedly working on so many new musical pieces I find time management so vital. Creating dreams into realities in and amongst the day-to-day… Creating music is better than chocolates to me but as I am diving into all of my new adventures I am reminded how special it is to share life with others. How in the essence of living it is so rich to take time for people and share in the chocolate moment.:-) As I work towards completing so many new projects it is with that wonderful chocolate thought of life and its joys are shared!

Thank you for sharing this moment with me as I look so forward to so many great adventures ahead!

Have a wonderful day!!

with a cherry on top!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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