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Giddy Up!

Giddy Up!

Good beautiful afternoon! Today is a winter wonderland for sure! The snow so soft and gently falling! All that white space, and peace on the eyes!!

Before I curl up to a good book I just wanted to say Hello to yOu! and update you a bit on things! The Interview with James Walsh went very well! During the interview I did an impulsive thing. I have wanted to thank J. Michael Dolan on behalf of so many of us creative souls who find their way in the ups and downs of our creative journeys! He has been a source of encouragement to me as well as many others! I wrote a song titled “One Horse Town” with him in mind!! He is the “stranger” in the song!! 🙂 So we quickly recorded the song on James’ Show!! It is a one take off the floor, acoustic version. It still hasn’t been recorded but plans are to do so soon! Anyways!! On James’ show the song will be heard for the first time! And it is to honor J. Michael Dolan!! Thank you Michael!

So I hope you take a listen to the Interview coming soon and take a listen to the song “One Horse Town”….BE the First!!! 🙂

Have a beautiful relaxing day and I will let you know when the times are !!

Have a wonderful week ahead too!

so much creating to do 🙂

for now

Rachel 🙂

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