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Month: January 2018


Good evening! I just wanted to clarify as I realize the song I mentioned "One Horse Town" was not on the radio interview but James Walsh has put the song "One Horse Town" into his rotation! So can hear it there..! for now! Also it is a real pleasure to be working on many new I wish you a wonderful evening and much more to come! for now Rachel :-)!
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Celebefex Interview with James Walsh!!

Hello! Good evening! Here is the link to the Interview with James Walsh! He is a super person and I really enjoyed our visit! He was kind enough to put "One Horse Town" into his rotation! I sang it off the floor wonderful ! Thank you so much for staying tuned....(tuned is a good thing...!! ) for now Rachel :-)
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Giddy Up!

Good beautiful afternoon! Today is a winter wonderland for sure! The snow so soft and gently falling! All that white space, and peace on the eyes!! Before I curl up to a good book I just wanted to say Hello to yOu! and update you a bit on things! The Interview with James Walsh went very well! During the interview I did an impulsive thing. I have wanted to thank J. Michael Dolan on behalf of so...
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Pebbles in My Shoe

Just a small round and round Simple as you be Find a little movement Unsettled may it flee It's just a little pebble It's easy one, two,  three To keep the pace and walk the trail Not burdened NO! But Free:-)
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Warm goes the Air!

Good morning! I really hope your day is going well! As winter begins to thaw some here I am so excited to tell you that the music we are creating is turning out so beautiful! I really find so much happiness in creating great sound! I can't wait to share it with you! I also had a super time with a few interviews lately and I will let you know when they will be featured! I love today as I am...
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