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In Poppies Feild

In Poppies Feild

The sun streamed into the dingy room. She placed his coffee on the wobbly coffee table that caught a ray of the sunlit day and revealed the dust unseen in the evening glow. “Maybe we can take a walk this afternoon” she said, looking over at her husband of many years ,her eyes glimpsing a far away look. He was silent, sitting there in his easy chair. She took another knowing glance into his eyes and sadly  watched the change come over him. “Lenny? It’s me Lenny, Marianne… your wife, Lenny”

Lenny’s hands started to shake and his face contorted into a fearful stare. His body shook as he began to moan an anguished cry. Marianne had seen this before. His quiet suffering. It seemed to get better at times and then something would just trigger it. As if it was all right there happening like a private hell. She remembered him. Her handsome husband who would serenade her on the dance floor. She looked longingly at him. Hoping the day would come that he would hers again. She remembered how much he gave. She pulled down the shade and touched his arm with a gentle caress as she whispered “Lenny I love you “.

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