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And So a Time..

And So a Time..

Good afternoon! The sun is brilliantly shining on my arms as I type to you some thoughts for this day! I first of all hope that you are very well! Things said and unsaid all weave into our lives a pattern of hope, despair, joy and trial. So goes the essence of the journey. As the music takes more and more of my heart, a passion that burns bright I realize there is a time for everything. I am cutting back on my other loves..pottery for one. I love the feel of clay in my hands the way to mold it into a beautiful form…but my music muse is jealous of time and so I am selling all of my pottery gear to become more focused.

The journey is like that. Ever changing and molding us really into best selves if we let it. Music is that mystery that comes from us but not always is us, that creates a passion for life and future…helps us along the way. It is a privilege to carry such a gift on my journey…to share with create something new. Love is the ultimate pot of gold over the rainbow..friends and loved ones. Relationships for all of time and beyond. So there is a time…..speaking of time it is time to turn back the clock!! That sounds great!!

I wish you a wonderful day!

for now

Rachel ! ps lots ahead!! 🙂

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