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Love Her Tender

Love Her Tender

As the snow lays cold and new on the earth here,  I grab my sweater to keep warm. My mind is on a situation that has been brought to my attention lately. Family disputes.

A place of comfort and warmth, like my sweater is taken to a place that becomes the depths of sadness and shame. The brokenness of life is made raw.This is a hidden pain just beneath the surface for so many. What should be the greatest life experience, relationship, is taken to a dark place, a hopeless place. It is something ,I think that creates a world of hate. How does one break free from such a trauma?  I have been thinking about this and know that it takes time to heal but that love is the greatest gift to give. From brokenness to hope needs much support and encouragement and love. How does one not repeat the trauma from generation to generation? To me it seems the training is to hate, not to love. That the home life is under siege and that re-training to love would make a difference. Love can break the habit of hate. Forgiveness not bitterness. To be set free.  My songs “What Kind of Friend” from my very first cd, “Broken” from The Best of Zest Vol. II and a new song that I plan to record soon “Lind’s Eve” were made for this situation.   Perhaps children in an environment of hate and pain can be helped by the re-training to love! Love can win!

Well! I better get to the day at hand!

Have a day filled with moments of beauty!!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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