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Ahhh….a Little Closer Please…..

Ahhh….a Little Closer Please…..

Good evening! It is really time to settle in for the day but I just wanted to share a thought with you before I do!

As my opportunities broaden and come to me more frequently I am aware that this journey is not always clear at first. What can look to be a real and amazing opportunity can at closer look seem to change and turn into something totally different. As I grow with the music and business in general I am finding that from a distance or at first glance an opportunity looks like such a great turn of events until studied a bit further or more closely only to find, that it is not the journey I am on. I guess that is how I can discover my way. To just keep seeking and learning from the opportunities that come along . If they are not true to who one is , then they are not the path for that journey. I think it is really important to be true to who one is as there is only one ‘who’ to be!

Okay…! Just a thought I thought I would share with YOU!

At this time…

Loving the journey thus far…

for now

Rachel 🙂

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