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Just a little bit more!

Just a little bit more!

Good afternoon! The sun is just beautiful today, shining on the falling golden, red leaves that whisper a change in season! I just came in from finishing a portrait for a wedding soon coming. It always feels so rewarding to finish and On time!! 🙂 With all of the distractions around it’s so easy to feel like not pressing on with a project, like this painting..I was really struggling for a time to catch the inner personality of the people in the portrait. The photo I was using was small and so I at one moment wondered about starting over. I had put the painting aside for a few weeks contemplating this idea. Today I went into the studio and just settled down and worked on the details. It all started to come together and now it is as I want it to be! Sometimes it’s just that little bit more that makes all of the difference!

So too with the music, I am working on the new tunes. I just love to hear from means the world to me! I have had some really awesome comments about the music that just makes my whole day!!! I can’t wait to get the new tunes into recording! Winter time is a great time for recording as things settle down and the earth seems more quiet! At least here with all of the snow!

So many great opportunities coming ! It won’t be “Just a little bit more” but LOTS!

In all of the distractions that will always come, I have found it’s worth pressing past them, not giving way to the struggle, or despair  finding the peace and reward that waits for us!

Have a wonderful day!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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