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New tunes New Opportunities!

New tunes New Opportunities!

Good morning! I hope all is well with you today! With all the various variables that we face I find it interesting where a path leads one! I played my new tunes for a live audience for the first time and it went over really well. The day started rather gloomy. The sky was unpredictable and a large storm came through. I wondered if the show would be cancelled or if anyone would even show up! Just about an hour before sound check the sky cleared and though a northern chill was throughout the air, the sun began to part the clouds.

As time went on the people began to show up. And so the show began.

I played my guitar and didn’t bring a piano. I thought  would keep it simple and so played songs that were mostly made for guitar. I used two guitars as they have differing sounds for the tunes!

The little children were all dancing around the front of the stage and smiling up at me . One guy who was intoxicated came right up under my stage and said some really sweet things to me and began to wave his arms to my songs. These things mean something to me, when people respond to the music, this gift for sharing!

There are some new possible opportunities ahead so I will keep you updated as we go!

Thank YOU for being here! YOU matter to me! Have a wonderful day!

lots of love and music!

for now, Rachel

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