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Good beautiful afternoon! How have you been?? I have been working on my gig coming up tomorrow! Mostly new tunes so this is always with a bit of butterfly’s for sure! Also I painted a picture for my latest tune, it is called “Sea Dog” which is also the title of my latest song.

I woke up one night in the wee hours and this tune was going through my head. I was so tired and didn’t really want to get up and put it down, I usually do! But I just fell back to sleep. I woke up in the morning and !! The tune was still going through my I got up and recorded what I was hearing. Singing it only. As I put the chords to this song together I realized that some of the chords are ones that I haven’t used before and are tricky to play!! Ha! So I have been practising these chords and playing this new tune..”Sea Dog”.

I really enjoy playing it! So I am starting my set with this tricky tune!! Ha!

The painting is also completed but I may not bring it to the concert but use it later with the song!

I hope all is well with you! I am really excited about some great new opportunity that may come into play! I’ll let you know about them if this is the case!

Lots of love and music to YOU!

for now,

Rachel 🙂

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