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Through Smoke and Fire

Through Smoke and Fire

This morning I headed off to the Sally Ann to play and sing. It was a very smoke-filled sky and I wondered if it was so safe to go out into. I carried on with some doubt in my thoughts and headed into the building. So many new faces I saw. Old and new, and all there to give of their own time to help others. I was so impressed with them all so warm and cheery they were. I sat down to the piano to get my tunes in order. A new set were laid in front of me as it was announced  that there would be a guitar player to assist me. “Sure, okay” I thought.

A thin, tall fellow came up onto the stage with me. He could have been David Bowie`s younger brother. We started to play and it became clear that this would be a great time!  Not only could he play really well but sing too! It was such a blast and everyone sang with a big voice!

Jim, who shared the stage with me today, was a touring  musician heading up the ladder. He gave it up along the road and joined the Sally Ann to help others.

It was a special day. A day where music took us all to another place, and it was one of those great moments life hands out like flowers. 🙂

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