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Every Little Moment

Every Little Moment

Good morning to YOU! I hope this day finds you well! Today it is beautifully sunny outside and I was able to take my coffee and just drink it all in..the atmophere and the coffee!!  This walk of life has its ups and downs..I find the emotions of life have times of fragility. I think at those times its good to be kind to yourself. Ride it out. What seems to be so ominous today becomes something small and we are able to handle it. When I  keep my focus and take less energy towards the negative, it all levels out in the long run:-) Life has its little moments but they soon will fade.

For my art! I am looking to finish a new painting today that I made for my very latest song! I really like playing this new tune it has lots of rhythm! I am actually playing it in my set coming up this summer! I also had the opportunity to get “Baby Blue” mastered and it just sounds so beautiful! I don’t think there is anything that pleases my ears more than hearing a great production!! I am looking forward to much more of this!

Anyways..I wish you a beautiful day and may every little moment be easy on you!

for now,

Rachel 🙂

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