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#Anxiety The Best of Zest Vol. 1

#Anxiety The Best of Zest Vol. 1

Good afternoon! I hope this day finds you well. It has been hot here but nothing a nice cold ice pack can’t solve..! As I work on my new music I have been reflecting back to the time I wrote some of my earlier tunes. I guess we write from our journey..where we are at. I feel an artist who lets themselves learn at times of failure, loss, sadness and fear can then create something for others. I think we are all full of the same spectrum of feelings, whether the intensity of life’s challenges are leveled in experience or not, we all feel many of the same emotions on our journey. When I wrote Anxiety that was very much a big part of my feelings. Sometimes overwhelmingly so. Truama brings emotions, it is our normal way of response. I remember not being able to sleep due to high levels of anxiety and looking out into a big dark, night sky and just looking…I would imagine the biggest face ever…taking the whole sky up and smiling at me in my little room, my little self and feeling the power of that. It’s going to be okay.. I’m in good hands…

Since the time of my song Anxiety, I have come a great way from those feelings . Life has a way of bringing one through…

So my new music is from now, a different place in my journey and I am really looking forward to sharing it with you!

So..on we go!

Have a really wonderful evening!

for now,

Rachel 🙂

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