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Month: July 2017

New Growth

Good morning! I just wanted to wish you a great morning!  I have been enjoying my new tunes and getting them ready to perform and record. I feel really excited about so many new opportunities we are working on! In every turn the road leads me on! Have a beautiful day! Lots of love to you! for now, Rachel :-)
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Time Line

Every life tells a story. Woven through the passages of time. Secrets we hide or places we dream to be are all poured through the vessel of time to reveal the truth about us. What we really believe, who we really are. Our sins that find us time and time again. Poured through our story washing in and through us to reveal our real truth. To reveal truth itself. For anything based on a lie will not...
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Running River

So I got me a ticket To a One Way Show Found me a beach on a cozy river hole Wind in my hair Wind in my soul Running River Flow :-) Lots of love and music to YOU!! Have a super day! Rachel:-)
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Winds of Opportunity

Good evening! As this day is settling in and I too, I want to let you know that I have ridden a wave and found it full of new shores!! As my journey continues, and rounds a corner all full of smog and danger I have discovered that a journey can be full of surprises! What could be a cliff hanger experience can also become an exhilarating opportunity to try ones wings out! This is where you find...
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Grey Into Blue

Bigger pictures , From bigger skies from hearts in tune From loving eyes To see beyond Fates charcoal lies To find the truth So too abide In love :-) Lots of love and music to you! Rachel :-)  
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