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#Clearvision The Best of Zest Vol. I

#Clearvision The Best of Zest Vol. I

Hello! Good afternoon! As I look out onto a clouded view of the sky I am thinking how easy it is to lose one’s vision;  perspective in things. How easily we can alter our perspective from happy to sad..!

When I wrote Clearvision, I was in University. I was working very hard to move forward and forget a very troubled time I had just come through. I think I found a piano somewhere and just sat down and wrote and played this tune. I would sing it from time to myself, a few times in public, but mostly it sat there in one of my books with many other tunes I had written. When Ray and Michael and I would get together for band practise, once or twice I pulled this out. At first I was going to sing it and record, but Ray loved this song and asked if he could sing it. Ray didn’t usually assert his wants on us in the band and so of course, he could do that. I sang the back-up vocals and we then recorded it. It was recorded live, and most of our recordings are live so that leaves it raw. I still like to listen to this tune…..

I am now working on my new tunes, … So many waiting in books and paper, and some will be brought to life!

When  skies are cloudy and vision is misty still the path soon becomes clear.!

Have a beautiful day!

for now,

Rachel 🙂

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