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#Colors 3:52

#Colors 3:52

Good beautiful evening! I hope your day went really well! I have to say it’s a really beautiful time of year and all of the sunshine leaves you smiling!

Today I was in town working on a project when we ran into our former drummer of The Best of Zest vol. 1&2. We haven’t seen much of each other lately. Life gets like that and band members have seen a great deal of one another for a long period of time. It was great to see him again and he pulled over to talk to us. More like a family it becomes when one is working with members for several years. He asked how is everything going,  and wondered about the music. He was recruited to a blues band that plays in a local venue when I had gone back to school. He misses us and would like to play with us again. I feel really happy that our relationship is still in good condition. I feel really honored to have this kind of legacy with him and Ray. Michael wrote the lyrics for the song Colors. They are brilliant lyrics. I sat down at the piano one day and wrote the music and sang it to the guys. They loved it and we made a song! For me, the journey is still full of mystery, promise and so many new and exciting opportunities. It was my privilege to take Michael’s beautiful poem and put it to music. Now it can fly!

Today is a rich day as I have been working on my new show and I am so very excited to share it with YOU!

I wish you a very wonderful weekend!

for now, love and music!

Rachel 🙂

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