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Month: June 2017

New Photo’s New Music!

Good beautiful afternoon! We are in the midst of making music! Just thought I would take a break and say Hello to Awesome YOU! Yesterday we went for a ride to try to find a spot to take a few photos..! We ended up on a gravelly road...(me car...) but finally got back onto some great pavement and wandered off to a road never travelled before only to discover some really beautiful scenery...
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#Clearvision The Best of Zest Vol. I

Hello! Good afternoon! As I look out onto a clouded view of the sky I am thinking how easy it is to lose one's vision;  perspective in things. How easily we can alter our perspective from happy to sad..! When I wrote Clearvision, I was in University. I was working very hard to move forward and forget a very troubled time I had just come through. I think I found a piano somewhere and just sat...
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PS. Baby Blue!

After I wrote the song Baby Blue, the people who were experiencing some troubles had a listening ear,  and through understanding and some changes they made a great move forward and are really working together and have become so much the stronger for it all.  Crisis doesn't always mean the end but can become the beginning of good things to come, a change in the right direction. Life has ways of...
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Baby Blue!

Good beautiful evening! I want you to know that we have uploaded an MP3 of one of my new tunes:-) It is called " Baby Blue". I wanted to be able to share it with you. We will make a video for it soon. This song came to me as I was confronted with a very difficult life crisis. Not my own but someone I love dearly. Of course songwriters bring out their pain or joy by music. I played the piano and...
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