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On the Verge

On the Verge

Good afternoon! As I anticipate all these great ideas coming to bloom I know that the ground work is just that…work! Then the magic happens! I realize on my journey that it is the journey that is important. To find the good in each day and relish it. To not look back but keep on moving forwards;  eventually it all makes sense. It all has a rhythm and reason and fits into the Universal puzzle just like it should. Yesterday I watched the Canadian geese swim with their great brood of chicks and took that moment and there are so many others in a day when one looks for them. To discover that happy balance of enjoying each day, the good the slow the mundane all have something to treasure if I look with my eyes open. On the music side of things I have sent a few of my tunes to a fellow musician who is working on them for me. I’m really excited about this. I play my guitar but he also can take a nice lead part . It will be very beautiful:-) I am anticipating all of these great new creations coming but also enjoying the journey! I don’t want to miss meeting with awesome people and sharing in the moments life has to offer us! I am so looking forward! I wish you a beautiful day:-) for now, Rachel!

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