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#By The Fire #10 Zorobabel

#By The Fire #10 Zorobabel

I came about writing By the Fire at a time when my world was turned upside down and totally uncertain. It was a time of pain and struggle. That’s when you get songs like this. They come to you like a source of comfort, like a moment from the Divine. I knew that in spite of my personal world events that I was “taken care of”. That inner peace and comfort that comes to us when all else is uncertain and hard to follow. “Where do I go next?” was my hearts cry. It is a great place to be in one’s soul when one can feel the Presence and know that all is ultimately well. In fact one can even enjoy one’s time in history and know that things work out on the journey that is well followed. Since that time of great trial and uncertainty so many great and wonderful new opportunities have blossomed. I have moved past that place and one of the great lessons that suffering has produced is that confidence in being and knowing that ultimately all will be well with me.

Onto the new..! I am now working on some video footage for you! I have started to perform my new music this way. I look forward to sharing them with you soon! So many new adventures are definitely unfolding and this is truly an exciting time on the “path” !

I wish you a wonderful week and a sense of peace that is!

Lots of love and music to you:-) for now, Rachel

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