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New Growth Green

New Growth Green

Good morning! Today is one of those days that I have discovered a mindset. An attitude adjustment that is so important as journey’s go. Sometimes the life we love is just blooming into place. This can require work that is not what we love to do, but is necessary and I am learning to appreciate it all. Not just the gifts that call me constantly but the rocky road that makes me into a better human being. I can learn from all of these lessons if  I am listening. This morning I went onto the porch and saw a bit of green smiling up at me from hard and cold ground. I thought to myself, this can be like me…a bit of green growing me up and finding something wonderful and new in the process. !! I am so anticipating all of my new music and video work ahead!! I wish you such a beautiful day!! Lots of love and music to YOU! for now, Rachel 🙂

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