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Springtime’s Muddy Waters:-)

Springtime’s Muddy Waters:-)

Good afternoon. Today I have been reflecting on small sphere’s like the puddles on the road that wash away the muddy soil, where new life begins…To larger spheres’ and how we are all so interdependent upon each other to some point. How we all feel emotions when an event takes place. This morning at my Sunday gig, a young man with a slender build was sitting quietly in his chair. I remembered him from last Sunday, watching me as I led music and we all sang. He had a long beard and plain clothes. Someone with a story. Today he went up front and asked for prayer. He said he feels so dark. I thought of that comment and reflected back to a time when I felt all around my life was so dark. Like my whole world was caving in and I felt so fragile. But God, like a light beam could be seen. It was so obvious to me, because my world was so full of dark. The light of God was so strong, I remember, and calm. That is when I wrote my song “In My Darkness”.  After darkness comes the sun and time for me has moved on to experience life in its blossoming ways. I am so happy that I could trust the Light of God to lead me through my darkness to experience these new and beautiful days.  I wish you such a beautiful day:-) for now, Rachel 🙂

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